Shih Poo Puppies



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If you’re looking to add a small dog to your home that is every bit as loyal, loving and smart as it is adorable.  Shih-Poo puppies are created by crossing Shih Tzus with Poodles, and when socialized properly, they’re some of the friendliest and most affectionate dogs you will ever meet. As one of the leading Shih-Poo breeders in Grand Rapids, MI, we specialize in socializing all our dogs and work hard to ensure your new puppy is well rounded and ready to become a part of your family.  The shih tzu is independent and calm and one of the smartest dogs I’ve encountered.  The poodle is a water retriever, the second smartest breed and a lap dog.  The shih poo is calmer and quieter than the havapoo.

Shih Poo Puppies for Sale in Grand Rapids, MI

Thanks to their small size, our Shih-Poo puppies for sale are great for those accustom to apartment living. While your pup will absolutely enjoy taking leashed walks and playing outside, he or she will also be just fine with playing indoor exercise.  They’ll often bark when strangers approach a home or apartment to let their owners know that something is out of the ordinary but are not yippy dogs.  Most of the time, however, Shih-Poos are extremely gentle in nature, making them an ideal choice for families with young children. The shih-poo is a very smart and highly trainable dog.

Why choose Pride Puppies as your Shih-Poo Breeder

At Pride’s Puppies, we’ve earned a reputation as a reputable Shih-Poo breeder in Grand Rapids, MI by providing our puppies with plenty of love and affection from the moment they’re born. We raise them in our home and shower them with  playtime through their first few weeks to prepare them for their forever homes. Our goal is to create the happiest and healthiest Shih-Poo puppies for sale and to pair them with families we know will love them as much as we do.