Havanese Puppies For Sale


Havanese are bred solely to be a companionship dog and do not do well left alone for long periods of time.  Havanese are happy, clown like dogs and their main goal is to be with their people.  From the moment our puppies are welcomed into the world, we shower them with love and affection and make sure they’re not only socialized but desensitized to everyday noises to minimize potential issues when introducing your new puppy to his or her new home.  My grandchildren help with socialization.

Breeding the Best Havanese Puppies for Sale Grand Rapids, MI

Breeding exceptional Havanese puppies all comes down to the parents. The  Havanese dogs shown here have all the qualities that make our Havanese puppies so special. They’re adorable and affectionate dogs that are easy to train and friendly towards people of all ages. We understand that in order to breed the best Havanese puppies for sale, our female breeders need to not only meet AKC breed standards but be loved and cared for as part of our family. Each of the females we use for breeding are raised in our Grand Rapids, MI home, not a kennel, and treated as members of our family.

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