Genetic Testing

We have done genetic testing on our breeding dogs. Our dogs tests are mostly clear and we are careful breeding two dogs that might be a carrier of the same condition.   Both parents must be carriers of a disease for it to reflect onto their offspring.

Knees and patellas doesn’t have a genetic test as of yet but the scientists are working to make one possible soon. X-rays do not always show signs of hip and knee issues that might arise in the offspring of our dogs. There is no way of knowing about hips and patellas. We do try to produce the healthiest offspring we can and hybrids are usually healthier than the purebreds, especially in poodles.   I recommend using dog steps for your pets to get on furniture and beds.  It helps keep their joints from getting stress3d.

If you would like to see any of our dogs reports, please ask. I can e-mail or print each dogs genetic report.