Hi Becky,

This is Lulu. I adopted from you a female black poodle born on 8/22/13, parents are Pukoko and Mojo.

I’m way over due wanting to send you some pictures like I promised but it became too many snap shots, too cute and unable to decide which to send. This season is a perfect time to send some photos of our girl, we named DaisyMae, posing with my other two 14 y/o black toy poodle (Chiqui (Grayish / alopecia from old age) and Peppi (slight darker with gray whiskers).

I want to thank you for the care and love you gave our DaisyMae. She reflects your dedication. She is very alert, very attentive, looks straight at your eyes making an intimate connection. She has no fear, yet she is very respectful and friendly.

At home I groom, dog sit and also do behavior modification. My Chiqui used to be my right hand when I worked with other dogs. He knew how to ease an anxious dog and he led by example; but this past March Chiqui had a knee injury and also old age has limited him to do what he loves to do but he still is a gentle role model for DaisyMae. When I’m not around she goes to Chiqui for comfort and she loves to play with Peppi.

DaisyMae is filling Chiqui’s shoes in helping other dogs. I believe she will even be better at it because she is starting early. Her sensitivity has helped shy dogs to dare to play and enjoy it. She has also helped dogs that are anti-social; and they begin to emulate her energy. It’s amazing watching her study the other dogs and figure out the best way to help that dog to learn to enjoy life and trust the handler. She welcomes all dogs to play with her and adapts to their level of play; She even brings toys to them and runs to bring a similar toy & likes showing them how to shake their toys. If that toy doesn’t do it, she’ll bring another one. She also welcomes humans to play by bringing them a ball and putting it at their feet and stepping back. She loves fetch and catch in the air. To me, she’s a gift from heaven and you were a huge part of that blessing.

For years Chiqui and Peppi were my companions. They are so well behaved that I would even take them to church with me and no one even knew I had them. Now, I’m conditioning DaisyMae and she is doing so well that I take her with me — even grocery shopping and no one knows she’s in my doggy travel backpack (I think you saw the backpack). Since Chiqui and Peppi brought me peace in my outings, I decided to register DaisyMae to make it legal for her to be with me anywhere (except burn units in hospitals and surgery rooms). I take her once a month to the library, they have a program that kids read to dogs and she loves it. She’s also one of the favorites. In January I’m planning to register her to do visits with hospice, elderly and children.

After 4wks old bonding stage with humans is essential and You gave her the foundation with so much love that she still reflects the trust she learned with you and I want to thank you for that dedication.


Becky and her family are ethical and responsible breeders who provided us with a beautiful and healthy havapoo puppy in 2015. We personally visited their home to pick up our puppy, and having seen first hand some not so stellar conditions at other havapoo breeders, I have no hesitation giving my highest recommendation for Prides Poodles. They are prompt with communication and make themselves available for any questions, much to our comfort as first time dog buyers. The puppies are raised inside of Becky’s home by a loving family and are well socialized given that there are other pets and grandchildren to play with the puppies. My wife and I could tell that by the look on Becky’s face when we were leaving with our puppy, they are raised in a truly loving environment. We have had no health or behavioral issues. Our dog is a happy, healthy, beautiful addition to our family, and I would encourage anyone to buy a puppy from Prides Poodles.

Becky- as always, feel free to provide my contact information to anyone asking for a reference.

Best, Evan

Janet Bisson

My husband and I decided to adopt a poodle from Prides Poodles back in 2012. We brought him home March 23, 2012 and have never been happier! His name is Chance and he is very smart and well behaved. Everyone that meets him falls in love. They all say he is the happiest dog they have ever met.

A year and a half later we decided to adopt another puppy and this time chose a female. We brought Chelsea home in October of 2013. Best decision we have ever made was to have two. She is adorable and trained very easily also.

The thing we liked most about Prides Poodles is that the puppies are all raised in a very clean and loving home which includes children being around. Their poodles are not caged and have free run in the home and they are also taken outside to play and do their duties as soon as they are old enough.

My mother also decided in 2013 that she was ready to bring a toy poodle home and chose Prides Poodles too. She has a black female, Mitzi, that was born in July 2013. Her parents are Kinika and Mojo. She also trained very easily and is a great puppy with lots of personality!

We would recommend adopting from Prides Poodles any day! You are more than welcome to contact me with any questions at 231-730-8558. You won’t be disappointed with Prides Poodles puppies!

Janet Bisson

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