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The greatest additions to our families aren’t always human; sometimes they’re human in nature and playful in attitude, making them all the more lovable. If you and your family have been thinking about adopting a puppy into your household, Pride’s Puppies specializes in the fostering of havapoo puppies, havanese puppies, shih poo and toy poodles in Grand Rapids, MI. We are a family-owned and operated business of hobby havapoo breeders, and we take great enjoyment in caring for your puppy before you bring it home with you. We are the alternative to a traditional kennel environment, as we breed the mothers of all of the puppies that we sell and raise them right in our own home.

When you and your family visit Pride’s Puppies for your puppy, we will take the time to educate you about each breed that we sell prior to setting you up with the perfect match. Our havapoo puppies are known for being playful, energetic, and obedient, and are ideal for those with children, as well as for someone who lives in an apartment or in a home without a large yard. Our puppies are highly trainable and are known for easily adapting to their environments. Our toy poodles also make for intelligent companions, as they are able to learn new tricks quickly and stick loyally by their owners’ sides.

Regardless of which breed you think is best for you, Pride’s Puppies can foster a loving addition for you and your family. From our CKC havapoo puppies for sale to our AKC toy poodles, we take the time to lovingly raise each puppy during the first weeks of their lives so that they are happy and healthy dogs, making us the top havapoo breeder in the Grand Rapids, MI area. Depending on your circumstances, we are willing to have one of our trusted puppy nannies travel with your puppy to meet you, if picking him or her up at our home is not convenient for you.

To inquire about the breeds or any questions regarding our puppies.  Please call or text 616-340-5594